Annual Reports

Explore our commitment through these reports, and discover our journey towards fulfilling our mission: vibrant forest communities alive with the voices of Hawai‘i from one generation to the next.

Discover Our Impact

Delve into our Annual Reports to explore the strides we've made over the years towards fostering a greener Hawai‘i. Each report encapsulates our efforts, achievements, and the challenges surmounted in that year, painting a picture of our unwavering commitment to conservation. Discover our impact, understand our approaches, and see how we've engaged with communities to bring about meaningful change. Through these reports, we aim to maintain transparency, showcasing the tangible results of the support we receive from our donors, partners, and the broader community. Your journey through our yearly narratives not only reflects our past but fuels our future endeavors.

2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report