Underneath the lush imagery and engaging visuals of the Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests website lies the creativity and dedication of talented visual artists. This space honors their invaluable contribution in bringing our mission to vivid life online.

andrew richard hara, and alan ohara with Senator Akaka
Andrew (left), Alan (right), and the revered Senator Daniel Akaka sharing a moment of unity at the Kahikina Learning Center in Laupāhoehoe, embodying the collective endeavor towards preserving Hawai‘i's natural and cultural legacy.

Principal Photography By Andrew Richard Hara

We deeply cherish the enduring partnership with Andrew Richard Hara, whose visual mastery has significantly shaped the Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests' digital presence. His generous donation of captivating photographs over the years and unwavering support since our inception has been instrumental in articulating our mission visually. Andrew's keen eye, coupled with his profound understanding of Hawai‘i's essence, has enabled us to share our vision vividly with a global audience. His dedication has not only enriched our visual narrative but has also significantly amplified the ethos of environmental stewardship we advocate.

Website & Visual Identity Design by Tetrachrome

Tetrachrome's intrinsic design finesse has been the visual cornerstone for the Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests, significantly enhancing our digital identity across various projects. Their meticulous crafting of our website, logo, and branding encapsulates the essence of our mission, creating a lasting imprint on our audience. Tetrachrome’s enduring dedication, since our organization's inception, has not only enriched our visual narrative but has also seamlessly melded our ethos into a tangible visual journey. Their contributions are a hallmark of our branding, propelling our message far and wide with aesthetic grace and profound authenticity.